Community Partners 4 Innovation (CP4I) was formed by community members brought together in 2014 by the desire to develop partnerships throughout our neighborhood and areas of connection that would promote greater wholeness, sustainability, and empowerment in south Pomona.


Initially housed on the UrbanMission church campus, and using the name UrbanMission Community Partners, CP4I relocated and renamed our nonprofit organization in the summer of 2020.


Co-founders, Rev/Farmer Stephen Yorba and Rev. Nora Jacob, moved into full-time work with the nonprofit organization; a third co-founder, Rev. Al Lopez, remained as Lead Pastor at the UrbanMission church. The changes took place to better align with the ways in which we continue to grow.


In this, we were greatly assisted during our first six years by the National Benevolent Association of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), without whose support and encouragement our start-up would not have been possible.


Community Partners 4 Innovation recognizes that creativity and collaboration are among our key values as well as our key practices. We believe that our neighbors are our community’s greatest assets. We seek to work together to address the many challenges faced by our community – and do that work in ways that foster partnerships and innovation.


One of our partners and collaborators is InsideOut Art Ambassador Michele Molina (www.michmoart.com), creator of our new CP4I logo. As a creative artist, Ms. Molina has been part of CP4I’s journey since we began InsideOut Art in 2016. CP4I invited her to design the butterfly graphic image we now use as our logo, incorporating the C,P,4, and I in its creation. Here is her first doodle of that image ... and two of the final versions we now use.

Logo - Doodle.jpg

Transform. Restore. Empower. Be Well.