Meet the newly re-named Community Partners 4 Innovation!

The Pomona nonprofit rebrands following a renewed commitment to its founding principles.

POMONA -- February 22, 2021 --Pomona-based social justice organization UrbanMission Community Partners announces a new name, a new look and a deepened commitment to the organization’s formative principles: transform, restore, empower and be well.

Now bearing the name Community Partners 4 Innovation (CP4I), the radically inclusive nonprofit works side-by-side with neighbors and city organizations to capitalize on the strengths of the community.

“The challenges brought by 2020 encouraged us to fine-tune our purpose and place. In a neighborhood hard-hit by the pandemic, we were called to hone our most important work which is urban farming, community wellness, and restorative justice,” said co-founder Reverend/Farmer Stephen Yorba.

Along with the name change, CP4I introduces a meaningful new logo designed by friend and artist Michele Molina. The butterfly image represents both the organization’s transformation and the transformation that occurs when we work collaboratively and interdependently to effect positive change.

“Partnerships and interdependence are at the heart of Community Partners 4 Innovation,” said Reverend Nora Jacob, Restorative Justice Director and Acting Executive Director. “We believe that effective partnerships are at the heart of what creates well-being, justice, restoration, and resilience -- in the community, as well as in individuals.” The nonprofit is dedicated to creating and supporting thriving communities by transforming hope and belief into action.

This is demonstrated through CP4I’s ongoing Community Wellness program which includes fostering greater access to clean food and providing nutrition and environmental education to all. Through these efforts, CP4I is proud to have donated more than 60,000 pounds of organic produce to the most vulnerable districts in Pomona.

CP4I has also had an impact in Restorative Justice (RJ) and Restorative Practices (RP) collaborations underway in Pomona and beyond. Since 2014, its staff has facilitated intensive small groups for those in prison-based RJ circles at California Institution for Men in Chino, and has provided leadership in community-based reentry navigation with more than 2,500 returning citizens after their release from incarceration.

In addition, CP4I is active in newly developing Restorative Practices circles in Pomona, teaming with others to encourage restoration and re-building of community through this alternative to the criminal justice system. These projects exemplify CP4I’s movement for greater wholeness in a fragmented world. CP4I will continue its work building partnerships, connecting resources and transforming ideas into practical reality.

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