CP4I is committed to restorative justice efforts in the criminal justice system, in communities, and in everyday relationships. We know that humans hold an amazing capacity for healing. We also know that hurt people hurt other people. By working towards wholeness and seeking change in systems that are oppressive and destructive, we work for a better world. Do we really think that our work can change the world? Of course, that is why we are here. Ready to join us?

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Our work happens in prisons and in neighborhoods. It happens in art galleries and around family tables. Our work happens by celebrating the humanity of every person so that every person can reclaim their dignity. Our work happens when offenders explore their own hurts and come to understand the cycles of harm they have continued. Our work happens when artists put their fears and dreaming on canvas and dare to share it with others. Our work happens in reading and reflection as well as advocacy and policy shaping. Working to change unjust systems and heal fractured lives is not quick work, but it is beautiful to see.