We believe that everyone is connected. What we see when we look in the mirror often fails to show the full picture. While individuals, we are connected to family, neighborhoods, and communities. We are connected to the Earth. Wellness is a word that invites us to think about what we are doing individually without forgetting that our health relies on a strong community to grow and thrive. Food is an important part of wellness. It fuels our bodies. Eating together helps relationships grow. Tending the Earth connects us to others and reminds us how we rely on our environment. 

Much of our work involves food. Growing, tending, harvesting, and sharing have lessons to teach but they also help us provide for our neighbors' basic needs. This work generates the majority of our volunteer opportunities and it requires lots of hands to complete the work. We invite you to imagine how you might get more involved with the food you eat and the community where you live. When you do, you will discover your own wellness increase. 

From hands-on farming, to delivering Market Boxes, to educational opportunities, wellness is a primary part of our work and we can always use an extra hand.